1. R

    Anki for Diseases?

    Hello, I have some disease courses coming up. I've been using Image Occlusion to create my cards for diseases, but I don't think that's the most effective method, since we are expected to ID diseases on images, diagnose based on case history, and provide a treatment based on case history...
  2. bsneuroscience

    Is it worth it?

    Hi all, I am currently a junior in undergrad on the premed track and I would appreciate some guidance on my path before I continue forward. I posted this in the r/premed forum but I wanted to get more insight. This pandemic has given me a lot of time to think, reflect, and soul search. One of...
  3. elloL

    3.96 CGPA, 3.92 SGPA, MA resident - Applying to Harvard Medical 2021

    Hello, this is the first post that I've created. I have been reading SDN posts since my Junior year of high school, but as admissions deadlines near, I have decided to start using it more seriously. A little bit about myself: I am 22 F, Caribbean black, bisexual 1st generation, bilingual with...
  4. M

    Diversity topic?

    Hi all, Would either of these topics be good for diversity secondaries? My background- grew up in a well-off Asian family in a rural New england community. 1. Talk about rural upbringing and attending schools where the majority came from poverty-ridden families (ie greater awareness of the...
  5. G

    Medical leave?

    Hi All, I've had a pretty miserable semester. I've missed most of my classes for the last ten weeks, because I developed pneumonia, among other health issues and complexities, followed by back to back viral infections. I was in the ER six or seven times. I've been running a low grade fever for...
  6. Z


    Hello! Does anyone know a book or a site other than medscape that gives the medical treatment of every disease with the dosage and the duration of treatment? Thanks
  7. DOL8873

    Chance of disease transmission

    Hello, I’m a dental student and today my finger was stabbed by a bur :( Situation: Restoring a Class V missing restoration. No decay present. Prepped retention grooves in enamel only with #1/4 or #1/2 (very tiny) round bur with water. I placed the handpiece back in its holder and proceeded to...
  8. T

    Need help identifying disease!!!!

    Disease of the parotid gland, cannot figure out what it is. please help :
  9. M

    I am growing these weird creepy bumps on my skin. Can somebody explain what this is??

    Just last night I saw these weird round bumps growing on my skin. They amalgamate in certain areas and I have no idea what they are. I barely noticed them at first, so they didn't itch at the time, but after I changed clothes I found them on my skin! I put some medicine on it (the yellow...
  10. 6

    Should I leave my research lab?

  11. B

    Blood markers of inflammation?

    I was hoping someone could help me understand what markers can be used to measure inflammation in patients that could be a sign of cardiovascular disease. I've read that neutrophil to leukocyte ratio and WBC count are used, but anyone elaborate on this for me? Say a patient goes to the doctor...