1. S

    Shoes contaminated by embalming fluid during gross anatomy dissection

    My shoes were unfortunately contaminated by embalming fluid during dissection today. I know the fluid contains formaldehyde so was wondering whether there is anything I can/should do to clean them?
  2. Y

    Dissection internship opportunity advice

    My school has an internship program where we are given a chance to dissect a cadaver. I was just wondering whether you think that this might be a good thing to go out for to put on my app or not? I'm now in my last year and trying to see what else I can add on that will be beneficial over the...
  3. BostonEmergencyMed

    Is performance in high school dissections indicative of surgical potential?

    Wuddup brahs So I have a fetish for neurosurgery. The idea of tampering with the organ most crucial to human functioning is fascinating to me. I also like the fact that I will have an ENORMOUS impact on my patients as a neurosurgeon. This isn't to say that you can't have an impact on your...