do what are my chances 496

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    DO What are my changes, please help!!?

    Right now I have a cumulative 3.4 gpa and a science gpa of 3.2. I am trying to do 500 volunteer hours to count as extracurricular activities. If I have time I will do more, I couldn't find a research position so that sucks for me. Right now I am senior in college having my last semester so my...
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    what are my chances for DO schools?

    I graduated May 2014 with BA biology, chem and philosophy minor Overall GPA: 3.232 BCPM GPA: 2.77 (chem was lowest with C/C- occasional B/B+) All other GPA: 3.725 I also took some postbacc undergrad classes that boosted ^ GPA. W/o those classes: Overall GPA: 3.167 BCPM: 2.69 AO: 3.669 Yes, I...
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    DO Do I have any shots at DO as a Canadian?

    Hello, I have a 3.88gpa and 496(125,123,124,124) Equal to a 23 on the old scale. ECs are average and I would only be able to apply to Nova this year. Question is do I have any chance at it? Or should I retake (would retake anyway next summer if I dont matriculate). Also I cant apply anywhere...