DO What are my changes, please help!!?

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Mar 25, 2015
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Right now I have a cumulative 3.4 gpa and a science gpa of 3.2. I am trying to do 500 volunteer hours to count as extracurricular activities. If I have time I will do more, I couldn't find a research position so that sucks for me. Right now I am senior in college having my last semester so my gpa should go a little higher. I have shadowed a doctor so that counts too.

I am going to retake Bio I & II and Chem I & II next semester as to beef up my gpa. If I get As in all them I should have a 3.5-3.6 science gpa and a good cumulative gpa by the end of next year.

What are my chances? My adviser says that I am competitive for DO school but, borderline competitive for MD.

Thank you, in advance for helping me!

** It was suppose to be chance not changes, sorry autocorrect!

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Near impossible to help you without a MCAT score. We also have no idea of your ECs . Your current GPAs are too low for MD and probably okay for DO.(DO is getting more competitive every year). The classes you are retaking will be helpful for DO since they have the lovely grade replacement option. For MD they will use both grades in determine your GPA.
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I was thinking that I only stand a chance with DO schools.

I am planning to do 500 hours of volunteering in the ER, and I have some hours of shadowing.

I plan on doing a gap year to take the MCAT and redo the classes mentioned above.
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Nobody can say what your chances are until you have a MCAT score! Your current GPAs. are NOT really competitive for MD. Come back when you have specific ECs. Right now you only have what you plan to go. And you need way more than clinical ECs. Go read some WAMC threads and see what your peers have done to make their applications competitive. So you plan to apply at the end of your first gap year? Your whole app currently is filled with ifs.
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