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  2. Curious_Kid

    Circulatory system of the fetus

    What is the benefit of having ductus venosus in the fetal circulation?I know it is to bypass the liver sinusoids. But how can it be beneficial to the fetus? Can somebody help me :bored:
  3. S

    another neurotic self-doubt question

    This topic has most likely been beat to death, but I could really use some reassurance or realistic advice. I'm a rising sophomore and I've been hardcore doubting myself and my intelligence since getting to college. I went to a pretty subpar high school and was near the top of my class despite...
  4. B

    Do MD's have a better predisposition to do non-clinical research than other fields?

    Hi guys, I am studying medicine on the 3rd semester, which means we are going through biochemistry. I always looked forward to biochem, as I like when stuff gets really detailed and geeky (such as molecular structures and functions, hard math problems, etc.), but right now I am quite...
  5. L

    MMPI-2 Software

    Good morning, I started a project to develop a software that will be able to give results of the MMPI-2 test, but I've done some research and can't seem to find the scales or categories for which each question belongs to. My question is, Is there a way to know for example if question 82 belongs...
  6. B

    Dentistry Vs Medicine

    All my life I have wanted to be a physician. I just graduated college, and I am currently in the application process for medical school. I have a decent MCAT, great GPA, and excellent extracurricular activities. I applied late this cycle, took my MCAT on August 6th, so I will not be surprised if...
  7. Waldeinsamkeit

    Older student In ms1

    Hello all, Sorry if this is a lame post, but I just need some reassurance or harsh truth. I got into a good med school, and so far my performance has been fine--so none of that is an issue. It's just I've over heard other students making a big deal about being 28 when they graduate, and it...