1. T

    Personal statement about shyness, identity - questioning everything

    Hi, I submitted my primary app just recently and am now digging myself into a hole about my PS. I’m doubting myself and the way I presented my story out of fear that it will be either consciously or unconsciously off-putting to Adcoms. Basically looking for some reassurance and/or someone to...
  2. M

    Mcat prep

    hello all, This is my first post on studentdoctor. Im 24 and just graduated undergrad yesterday, and I'm wanting to start my MCAT prep. I plan on doing the 100 day SN2ED and MCATjelly study plan. However, every time I sit down to prep, I lose concentration, get overwhelmed, and get stressed...
  3. D

    Deferred a year and now having doubts

    Hello all! I was accepted to medical school last June off of the waitlist and decided to defer. During my year off I have had serious doubts about going and have been looking into other careers. I'm not sure if my doubts are stemming from my lack of confidence, fear and the thought that I'm not...
  4. Curious_Kid

    Circulatory system of the fetus

    What is the benefit of having ductus venosus in the fetal circulation?I know it is to bypass the liver sinusoids. But how can it be beneficial to the fetus? Can somebody help me :bored:
  5. HealthNombreUno

    Having Doubts...

    New here so please excuse any stupid questions. I've been wanting to go to medical school for almost my entire life. I just love healthcare in general. Recently I've been having doubts about medical school because I can't handle stress that well and I'm afraid I won't be happy working so much. I...
  6. F

    Is it still worth it?

    I've wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I have tried to expose myself to the medical environment as much as I could (via shadowing, scribing etc). Routinely, I ask the doctors I interact with whether they are content with their decision to go into medicine, and...
  7. B

    Do MD's have a better predisposition to do non-clinical research than other fields?

    Hi guys, I am studying medicine on the 3rd semester, which means we are going through biochemistry. I always looked forward to biochem, as I like when stuff gets really detailed and geeky (such as molecular structures and functions, hard math problems, etc.), but right now I am quite...
  8. F

    Doubts and Concerns

    I am currently in my second gap year just applying to medical schools this cycle. With my undergrad cGPA 3.05, sGPA 3.25 and MCAT 502, I know that I have a pretty low chance of getting in. However I don't doubt my ability to get accepted into medical school after retaking the MCAT and going to a...
  9. R

    Thinking of dropping out

    Dear people of the Student Doctor forums, I am in my second year of veterinary medicine in the Netherlands (here we go straight from high school to university to study veterintary medicine for 6 years, after this we are fully qualified vets), but I am not sure whether to continue or not. Here...