1. Doohickey550

    Do I really need board certification?

    Hi all, For those out there who run their own practices, especially if you run a direct primary care practice, how important is it to have/maintain board certification? My plan after residency is to own my own DPC practice where I will not be taking insurance, nor will I be interested in...
  2. F

    How my life changed: transitioning to direct primary care

    This is one of a series of articles in Medical Economics by Rob Lamberts MD, an IM/Peds physician in Georgia: How my life changed: transitioning to direct primary care There is a lot of support available now both online and in almost all states for physicians considering DPC. DPC Alliance DPC...
  3. S

    DPC summit

    Hey! Anyone going to the DPC Summit in Chicago June 28-30th? Hoping to meet up with other residents who might be there! Thanks!
  4. G

    Florida DPT

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to start a thread for those of us applying to DPT programs in Florida so we can share our stats/admission decisions and ask questions. I'll start and post my stats below :)
  5. M

    Building DPC practices

    How many folks have started the process of evaluating the DPC opportunity in your areas? What tools are you using to do opportunity analysis? How are you creating projections for patient load and patient recruitment? I am looking for primary/family care physicians in the southeast who want to...
  6. F

    Direct Primary Care (DPC) in New England online discusssion series

    A group of us with established DPC practices in New England are hosting several online discussions for physicians interested DPC. No obligations, it's just a chance to ask questions and talk about DPC in New England with other interested physicians and several of us who've already tested the...
  7. F

    Free Direct Primary Care (DPC) conference, Oct. 14-15, Dallas

    For physicians who are curious about or planning a conversion to DPC, the Texas Medical Association and Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation are sponsoring a conference in Dallas, Texas Friday and Saturday Oct. 14-15. Thanks to a grant from The Physicians Foundation this conference is free to...
  8. H

    Reimbursements with high-deductible insurance plans - any real difference than cash-only medicine?

    Let's say that I am a PCP, and one of my patients has a high deductible (say, $5,000) insurance plan (HDP). If I assess their symptoms as having a 99212 level complexity, and their insurer pays $25 for a 99212, do I have to take the $25 (which will be coming from the patient of the HDP) or can I...