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  1. V

    SUNY Downstate DPT Class of 2019

    Who's going??
  2. dreampt33

    West Virginia University DPT Class of 2019

    Hi Guys, I was accepted into WVU's DPT program class of 2019! I am excited and wanted to reach out to others that have been accepted or current students. I would like to start a Facebook page to connect with other students if anyone is interested. I have so many questions for current...
  3. T

    WashU (St. Louis) vs Rosalind Franklin (Chicago)

    Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing well. I have a huge dilemma: WashU vs Rosalind. The quality/type of education and being away from family are two factors I'm worried about. I'm from Chicago, and Rosalind would be a 30-40 minute commute, cutting costs in half b/c I wouldn't dorm. I talked to...
  4. L

    DPT Jefferson Class 2019

    I've been accepted and I am attending. Who else is joining me? Class of 2019!!! Here is the link to our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/444306189109432/