dropping out

  1. C

    Thinking about dropping out after 2 years...

    Hi fellow DVMs and future DVMs, I recently finished my 2nd year of veterinary school. I am not failing, in fact I'm doing quite well. I don't currently have any debt either but I will if I continue. I am seriously considering leaving and have been for the past year or so (started having doubts...
  2. J

    Wasted five years. Should i quit ?

    Still stuck in 1st year. long story short i am a wreck and i am stuck .My real dream was to be an animator but my parents denied it so i chose the next thing i had a slight interest on and thats the worst decision of my life. I have been lying to them for the past five years i don't know what to do.
  3. TxsMed14

    Dropping out of Medical School

    I'm a current MS2, and never failed an exam or rotation. I took a leave of absence last fall, which has stretched into five months and finally turning a corner on whether to drop out (I think it's time, despite $100k for two years at a private med school. Probably the heaviest factor in my...
  4. B

    Opinion of dropping out of Dental School, Switching to med

    So - some background info. I attend an expensive private Dental school. Not excessively (100k+) expensive, but basically up there (80k a year) I've said this here before, but from the get go, I was interested in Dentistry for the lifestyle it provided, job stability, and income... and because I...
  5. X

    UPR PY1 thinking of dropping out of pharmacy school for dental school

  6. R

    Thinking of dropping out

    Dear people of the Student Doctor forums, I am in my second year of veterinary medicine in the Netherlands (here we go straight from high school to university to study veterintary medicine for 6 years, after this we are fully qualified vets), but I am not sure whether to continue or not. Here...