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    2021 Doctoral Public Health (PhD, DrPH, ScD): Applied, Accepted, Waitlisted, Rejected!

    Hi Everyone! I have not yet seen a thread to discuss Doctoral Public Health (PhD, DrPH, ScD) programs. I remember how much the "MPH: Applied, Accepted, Waitlisted, Rejected" thread helped me and so I thought having one for those applying to doctoral programs could also be super beneficial...
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  3. L

    Any Johns Hopkins DrPH applicants?

    Hello, I am very new to this forum and am a little unsure as to how it works but I wanted to see if I could get some insight on the DrPH program at Johns Hopkins. I am incredibly interested in this school because of their concentration offered (public health informatics) and I found the perfect...
  4. S

    MPH, next step RD or DrPH in Health Education

    I currently have an MPH in Chronic Disease Epidemiology and have been working in Obesity Prevention Intervention research focused in nutrition and physical activity for the last two years. My ultimate career goal is to work in implementing health programs and providing health education (and...
  5. P

    DrPH Columbia DrPH SMS Program

    Can anyone that was admitted to this program provide me some more info the types of applicants they look for? What made you stand out? Years of work experience? GPA? GRE?
  6. P

    2018 Doctoral Public Health (PhD, DrPH, ScD) Admission Results

    I saw one of these threads listed for 2016 and 2017, but not 2018. Please let me know if I have reposted! Has anyone heard back from any programs yet? I'm still waiting to hear back from GW's DrPH program.
  7. K

    RN vs CLT for Epidemiology

    I am interested in becoming an epidemiologist. I will either do get MPH or a DrPH with a sepciliazation in epidemiology. I already have a Bachelor's degree but because I've had difficulty finding a job I want to do a 1 year program to get a second Bachelor's either in Nursing or Clinical...
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    DrPH Online/executive DrPH acceptance

    I plan to apply to the school-wide DrPH in Health Policy Management at Johns Hopkins and the executive DrPH in Health Leadership at UNC. I completed my MPH (online) from the University of Florida with a 3.8 GPA, and a MA in Strategic Security Studies at the Naval Postgraduate School with a 4.0...
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    DrPH admission-GRE Waiver?!

    Hello all, Has any one applied and got accepted (or know someone who did) for DrPH, anywhere in the US-CEPH accredited school, without GRE? Any list/names of schools that waive GRE requirement for DrPH admission? Example: Universty at Albany-SUNY http://www.albany.edu/sph/drphadmissions.php...
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    The All-Encompassing, "What are my chances" thread!

    Hey everyone, I am an undergraduate student pursuing my degree in Health Management online through Northeastern University. I would like to one day get my MPH in Health Policy and Management, but since I'm taking my classes online I'm confused about what I'll do about my letters of...