1. D

    Drug testing, which compounds do they search for?

    I ask this without fear of judgment or anything: When medical schools drug test, they're just looking for the regular things like marijuana, cocaine, etc., right? If a person has been taking a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), basically a performance enhancer, would that show up on...
  2. D

    MD Question for MD students @ Albert Einstein ONLY!!!

    I have a bit of a weird question to ask MD students who are/were attending Albert Einstein. I was wondering if there is a urine drug screening prior to orientation or during orientation. Obviously, I know that there will be urine tests later in clinical years and beyond in this profession, but...
  3. 1

    What kind of mistakes have you made on placement? HELP!!

    So I'm in 4th year and I've completed 13 weeks of Clinical Placement so far. Today, I injected a cat with 10x the correct dose of Meloxicam...and I am really struggling. The cat is ok at the moment (being flushed with fluids, and it's a stray cat, not one with an owner), but I am beating myself...
  4. B

    MD & DO Doctors creating addicts?

    Is anyone else concerned about the way SOME doctors are pumping out addictive substances? I've done a few rotations through a lot of clinics now, and MOST doctors are cutting back on prescribing controlled substances. And if they're not trying to cutback on prescribing these medications, then...
  5. TragicalDrFaust

    Drug related suspension from 2011

    In 2011 someone I know was expelled after their freshman year of undergrad because about an ounce of marijuana was found in their dorm room. Their school judicial board charged them with possession/possession with intent to distribute. The school was in a state where an ounce is automatically...
  6. P

    Advice on how to find a job, background problems

    Hello, I recently just received my license in 2017, been applying everywhere and anywhere in my state. I have 2 things on my background. both misdeam but one of them is a drug related charge (selling)... Im not involved in that anymore whatsoever.. so I get past the interview part and got...
  7. S

    Neonatology Question

    In neonates who are receiving either oral or IV DART (Dexamethasone) therapy for BPD, what is the physiologic reason as to why they have poor growth compared to those infants who are not on DART therapy?
  8. L

    Question about Drugs

    Good afternoon, I am currently very confused about adrenergic drugs and their toxic effects particularly reflex bradycardia or tachycardia. Will someone please clarify the mechanism of this? Here's what I understand thus far: 1) Decrease in blood pressure can stimulate baroreceptor...
  9. D

    Worried about drug test after summer Amsterdam (Penn, UCONN, Columbia, NYU, Temple, Roseman, UCLA)

    Hello SDN, Before we start, I know some of you have qualms about illicit drug use and the like. For those people, I am not a regular user, will not use in dental school, and any prior use (I think twice now) is legal in my state. Thus, please do not get in a ethical argument with me, I just...