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    OMFS Step1 Timeline

    Hey all, I've looked through the threads related to 6-year programs and haven't found much info regarding when most 6-year programs have their interns take Step1. I know my program received a survey about Step 1 timing and was interested to hear any other 6-year guys and gals experience with...
  2. W

    MSW MSW/MPA Dual Degree Programs

    Hey all, Does anyone know anything about joint MSW/MPA programs? How selective are they? Do the two disciplines balance/complement each other well? Do people in these programs tend to be (1) current/future social workers who would like to move into managerial positions, or (2) those who...
  3. A

    DPT/MAT Shenandoah University Dual Program

    So i'm currently a junior in college in the process of obtaining my bachelors in Biology. The program that I'm in is a PT-track program in which i will be applying to. With that said, i'm also very interested in Athletic Training--I noticed this practically my sophomore year of college...