Dec 15, 2013
Resident [Any Field], Dentist
Hey all,

I've looked through the threads related to 6-year programs and haven't found much info regarding when most 6-year programs have their interns take Step1. I know my program received a survey about Step 1 timing and was interested to hear any other 6-year guys and gals experience with Step1.

For myself, my program says they would LIKE us to take Step 1 before we start in July, but doesn't require it to be passed until the end of intern year. My dental school graduates in May, so I was able to dedicate a good chunk of study time in May and June. Took my Step in June, and just found out I passed!

This timeline seems like it makes a lot of sense, but have been hearing from other residents that a lot of programs' interns take Step 1 during the year. Any insights? This could be really useful for future 6-year applicants. Thanks!