Dec 2, 2015
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  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
So i'm currently a junior in college in the process of obtaining my bachelors in Biology. The program that I'm in is a PT-track program in which i will be applying to. With that said, i'm also very interested in Athletic Training--I noticed this practically my sophomore year of college. Transferring to an AT school would've been a pain and at that time it wouldn't have worked out for me. Therefore, i stuck with my Bio track. AT is def something i want to do because just dealing with the athletes and being on the sidelines for any first care response just simply excites me and i can actually see myself doing that.

With that little background info, it was about a couple months that i decided that i also want to obtain a degree in AT, however, that will require a lot of time and most importantly, a lot of money. Recently, i discovered Shenandoah's dual degree program that offers both DPT/MAT (a 4 year program). Of course, the workload will be intense and it's a competitive program but I'm wondering if anyone, on this forum, has participated in the program or has anyone had a friend thats been in it?
This is something I'm really looking into but i want to learn more about it.. Hopefully from someone that's been in it.

Anyway, if you got to this point in reading all of that, thank you!
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