1. LindaAccepted

    Medical When should I apply to medical school?

    When you submit your application depends on several factors, including the strength of your profile, your level of certainty about the program you’re targeting, when/whether you have taken the MCAT, and your undergraduate academic performance. 1. Early Assurance Programs (EAPs) EAPs typically...
  2. T

    eaps and dual linkage advice?

    First time on here! Any advice on early admission apps?
  3. llyskc

    SUNY Upstate Medical School Early Assurance Program (2020 cycle)

    I recently applied for the SUNY Upstate EAP program and have been looking around for any information about it. Seems like nobody really posts about this program. Anybody else applied? On that note, any past applicants know approximate stats and figures for the program and the...
  4. S

    EAP vs applying???

    So I'm in dire need for some advice on what to do within the next 5 days. I was recently accepted into an early acceptance program at an unnamed DO school prior to taking the mcat. At that time I had already payed for and been studying for my mcat so I thought I'd take it anyway and if I did...
  5. N


    Hello everyone, I am a rising junior and am currently on the fence about LECOM's Early Acceptance Program. The program would guarantee me a seat at the school as long as I finish the required classes and keep the gpa at the level they want. However, the program also requires that I do not take...
  6. T

    Canadian Citizen - Canadian or American Undergrad?

    Hey everyone, A bit about me: I'm 18 and just graduated high school this past spring (went to a US boarding school... think Andover, Exeter, etc.). I'm a Canadian citizen and I'm currently taking a gap year. Since I'll be applying to college this fall, I wanted to get some opinions on where I...
  7. H


    Hey guys! I was invited to interview at LECOM for their EAP program, and I am planning on doing it in a couple of weeks. For those of you who have interviewed for any of their EAP programs, how long did it take for LECOM to notify you of acceptance/rejection? Thanks in advance!
  8. G

    LECOM Early Acceptance Program - Undergraduate Schools

    Hi everyone! I am currently about to start my senior year of high school and want to become a doctor. I am interested in the LECOM EAP and was suggesting what are some of the best Undergraduate affiliated schools in the program that offer the 8 year DO program. There are alot of options and I...
  9. D


    I am currently a Junior in high school interested in this program. I would like to participate in the Dental school EAP, however, is it worth it? The requirements are i believe maintaining a 3.4 sgpa, and a 16 on the DAT. The minimum requirements to be considered into this program are a 26ACT...
  10. R