early decision program

  1. power818

    Should I apply Early Decision to UAB?

    I have basically spent the past year of preparation under the assumption that I would be applying early decision to UAB here in a couple days; however, I have had a few people advise against it along with the general presumption here being that it is a bad idea. I want to give my specific...
  2. P

    Early Decision Program Help!!

    Hello, I might apply for early decision and take my pcat in july which is the last date to take the pcat for early decision. I wanted to know if I need to retake my pcat later on but I had already submitted my application and everything with my july pcat for early decision but did not receive an...
  3. D

    Any tips to get into the JAMP program.

    I will soon be applying to the JAMP program. Does anyone have tips on how to stand out and increase my chances of getting accepted? Thank you.
  4. GaStu1994

    What are my chances for EDP at MCG?

    Applying for the Early Decision Program at the Medical College of Georgia, for the 2016-2017 application cycle. – AMCAS submitted 6/7/2016. Verified 6/8/2016. – MCAT: 511 (124/130/127/130) – cGPA: 3.74 – sGPA: 3.63 – Undergrad: BS, Biology; AS, Chemistry (graduated 2016 from a state university...