1. Nippyfan

    Deceptive "ease" of getting accepted into a DPM program

    So, aside an apart from this year where it seems that application numbers are down and regular admission standards may slightly differ, I would love to understand the notion that podiatry school is a cake walk in terms of acceptance. Of course, relative to an MD school, admission is a bit...
  2. pharmabro

    PCAT: how to succeed with minimal studying

    This is a short list of some things that I have done to prepare for my PCAT and I didn't feel were too time consuming or stressful, as some of the other methods can be. First off my scores: Bio-418-69% Chem-426-82% CR-415-82% QR-420-82% Composite-420-81% To prepare for bio I read and took notes...
  3. N

    Difference between "Top and Bottom" Med. Schools?

    Hi all, I know it's a really vague question, yet I can not get it answered by myself. What is the difference between higher and lower ranked Med. Schools, and how are they even ranked? I can see that Yale S.O.M. would be classier than lets say Morningwood academy behind Gods back, Does it make...