1. D

    ECE Evaluation - US Equivalent DDS

    Hello, I just received my ECE course-by-course evaluation today. A majority of other doctors who have graduated from the same country (Philippines) and completed ECE had a "U.S. Equivalent Summary: Bachelor's in dental medicine" or even "completed 4/5 years at a dental college". My question is...
  2. NaDaniel

    Lacking ECs

    My GPA is 3.6 and I'll be taking the MCAT in two weeks- I believe 510 a realistic expectation based on practice exams. I am a nontraditional student that spent all of my free time working several jobs in college and am somewhat lacking in the EC department. I was a TA for A&P, biology, and...
  3. Ars04

    PAVE ECE Process?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has information on the ECE part of the PAVE more specifically on admission to the university. I want to know how the whole process goes down, as I can't really find any information. Also I'd like to know how hard it is to gain admission to your desired university...
  4. bernas

    ECE report for NBDE Part 1 Step by Step???

    Hi everyone, I am planning to take my NBDE in 6 months. I want to have my ECE report. Now step by step what should I do? How can I get this report by paying at least?
  5. L

    Foreign graduate pharmacist

    Hi! I am a foreign graduate pharmacist wanting to practice in the US however I graduated a four year BS pharmacy after 2003. Can I just take Masterals for my pharmacy after my four year pharmacy degree so I can be qualified to apply for equivalence in ECE? Please help me on this one! Thank you!
  6. S

    FPGEE and ECE report help!!

    Hi guys, I just received my ECE report and wanted to know if I have a chance at being eligible for the FPGEE My report says that I have the United States equivalent of: -One year of undergraduate study -Bachelor degree, major area of study: Pharmaceutical Science I did my GCE international A...
  7. S


    My comprehensive grade average from the ece is 1.69 and the best result is 2.03.is there any hope for me to get into a dental program in the US ??if lets say I get into a master program or research and i have good work experience and toefl score?!!! Please help i am just starting to prepare for...