1. Y

    Best Med Med Schools in Egypt, Gulf or Turkey with affordable tuition fees or scholarship

    Hi, I'm an Egyptian student looking to study Medicine, I graduated from secondary school advanced stream from UAE 2021. I'm struggling with finding a university for the next intake or 2022 intake, I'm also open to study in UAE/ GULF/ TURKEY OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY. The main problem is that I can't...
  2. H

    Foreign Medical Student

    I am a Foreign medical student in my 3rd year now and taking my USMLE step 1 in a month. I'll be moving to the US with my family this year and go to a med school here ( I have a dual citizenship).I wanna move here to have better residency chances. Do you think having a high STEP 1 grade would...
  3. H

    Help me with your opinion

    I am a 4th year medical student abroad in a 6 years system, I still have more 2 years to go.My family is moving back to the US ( I am a US citizen ) and I really wanna stay with them, do you advise to come to the US, take the prerequistes in a year an apply or just finish what I got left and...
  4. pikaboo

    Does my BDS GPA matter?

    I am a Canadian who is studying at an Egyptian (British-curriculum based) dental school, I am done Part 1 NBDE and has a good score. My school isn't very fair in their marking of exams and has caused many issues for my friends. I was wondering does my GPA in the BDS matter in the application for...
  5. M

    Dentistry in Egypt

    Hello, Iam from Egypt, I've completed my first yeat in school of dentistry at Alexandria university and I got a scholarship at MIU but in this case all my courses will not be counted. Iam looking to continue in the research field after graduating .. so what're your suggestions about this...