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    EK 1001 Physics Question #312

    Hey there! Was going through a couple of EK 1001 Physics questions and came across this question that I couldn't quite figure out so hopefully someone here could lend some much needed clarification. Here's a picture of the diagram and the question prompt: My attempt at a solution: a...
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    For Sale MCAT Books/Bundle (TBR, Hyperlearning Verbal, EK 1001, Official Guide +more)

    Hello everyone, I have a variety of MCAT books for sale. I would sell the bundle for $225 flat. The Berkeley Review (2012- Gen Chem I and II, Physics I and II, Organic I and II, Biology I and II)- all of the questions/passages are completely unmarked, probably about 10-15 pages of the content...
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    For Sale Cheap Older MCAT Books

    For sale are a bunch of older MCAT books I am selling: The Official Guide to the MCAT, 1st edition Kaplan MCAT Practice Tests, 8th edition EK 1001 Questions in MCAT Biology EK 1001 Questions in MCAT Chemistry EK 1001 Questions in MCAT Organic Chemistry EK 1001 Questions in MCAT Physics EK MCAT...
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    (DESPERATE) Practice Books and Question Banks

    Hey Guys, I'm the new kid lol. I am traditional "self-preper". Currently, I am transitioning from the studying to the practice phase and wanted to know what practice books and question banks are most useful prior to taking FLs? Practice Books EK 1001 (OLD MCAT) Question Bank Gold Standard...
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    Buying SN2ed set-up (TBR & EK)

    Hello sdn! I'm looking to buy the full Berkeley Review (TBR) set --ideally 2013 or 2014 edition, as well as ExamKrackers (EK) bio, 1001 set, and verbal 101. Please message me if you are selling so we can negotiate a price. I'm located in Oklahoma, but will be willing to pay for shipping. All...
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    Selling TPR, EK1001, EK books (old MCAT)

    These are the old books but if you study by follow the AAMC outline, a lot of the information is still very relevant. I know a lot of the TPR content is the same as the new 2015 books. No writing or marks in any of these. I also have online content access to TPR and Kaplan materials for the...