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  1. C

    EM Doctors//Opinions about EM

    In your opinion, why do people on SDN and other medical forums advise people so heavily against training in emergency medicine? I’m really interested in it but almost every forum I read says it’s one of the worst fields. Do you agree with this?
  2. nackbaxster14

    Louisville vs LUCOM; An MD vs. DO school for an aspiring EM doc

    I have been accepted at the University of Louisville (MD program) and the four-year-old Liberty University of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) (DO program). I loved both of them and would be happy attending either. However, there a few factors I need some help on. As of now, I want to go into...
  3. H

    What are my chances?

    Some background: I am a rising junior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute majoring in Chemical Engineering. My GPA right now is kind of low. I had a couple of bad semesters. Freashman year 1st semester was pretty bad (GPA was 1.77) as I was homesick all the time. The three semester following...
  4. E

    Emergency Medicine into a Critical Care Fellowship

    Hello everyone, Thank you for your time in reading my post. I am interested in going into a critical care fellowship after emergency medicine. Some of my programs are more top tier and would allow me to do so. however, I am really interested in staying in my home town for residency although no...
  5. I

    Emergency Medicine Sub-Specialties

    What are some of Emergency Medicine sub-specialties? I know there is EM/Peds and etc. Is there such thing as EM/Peds/Cardiology or EM/Nuero?
  6. PTSI

    Physician Wanted, 3 Years Experience in Occup/ER/Family, or, Internal- Direct Hire in Missouri

    We are looking to hire a Plant Physician for someone with 3 years of experience in Occupational, Emergency, Family, or Internal medicine for a major automotive manufacturer. MUST be comfortable with Acute care such as; lacerations, non-complex sutures, simple facial sutures, reading x-rays of...
  7. selena

    For Sale The most popular MEDICAL and BIOLOGY BOOKS " Physiology,Genetics,Anatomy,Health,Fitness

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