emergency medical

  1. nackbaxster14

    Louisville vs LUCOM; An MD vs. DO school for an aspiring EM doc

    I have been accepted at the University of Louisville (MD program) and the four-year-old Liberty University of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) (DO program). I loved both of them and would be happy attending either. However, there a few factors I need some help on. As of now, I want to go into...
  2. H

    What are my chances?

    Some background: I am a rising junior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute majoring in Chemical Engineering. My GPA right now is kind of low. I had a couple of bad semesters. Freashman year 1st semester was pretty bad (GPA was 1.77) as I was homesick all the time. The three semester following...
  3. E

    Emergency Medicine into a Critical Care Fellowship

    Hello everyone, Thank you for your time in reading my post. I am interested in going into a critical care fellowship after emergency medicine. Some of my programs are more top tier and would allow me to do so. however, I am really interested in staying in my home town for residency although no...
  4. I

    Emergency Medicine Sub-Specialties

    What are some of Emergency Medicine sub-specialties? I know there is EM/Peds and etc. Is there such thing as EM/Peds/Cardiology or EM/Nuero?
  5. PTSI

    Physician Wanted, 3 Years Experience in Occup/ER/Family, or, Internal- Direct Hire in Missouri

    We are looking to hire a Plant Physician for someone with 3 years of experience in Occupational, Emergency, Family, or Internal medicine for a major automotive manufacturer. MUST be comfortable with Acute care such as; lacerations, non-complex sutures, simple facial sutures, reading x-rays of...
  6. selena

    For Sale The most popular MEDICAL and BIOLOGY BOOKS " Physiology,Genetics,Anatomy,Health,Fitness

    Today i bring you a list of most famous MEDICAL AND BIOLOGY BOOKS but this time ,in digital format (PDF) with many Features , the most important is low cost compared to the paper books (Students can save up to 80% when buying online version) and all other advantage of PDF BOOKS...