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    Contract for new job at the VA?

    I am thinking about taking a job at the VA, does anyone know if things are even negotiable with employment at the VA? I have not yet seen the contract, but I am wondering if it worth getting a contract lawyer. What things are negotiable with them?
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    EAD by Match Day or Residency

    Hello, I need help with an issue. I am a US citizen currently a resident planning to marry my girlfriend who is a non-US IMG applicant. We've known each other for 4 years and have been together for 3 years. I just want to know overall for programs, when she files a change of status around...
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    How are specialized surgeons employed in hospitals?

    I was wondering how different cardiothoracic transplant, neurological, and trauma, etc. highly-specialized surgeons are employed (e.g. on salary at hospital, paid by the hour). Also, are surgeons permitted to do work at multiple hospitals and would it be possible to, say, take one month out of...
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    Locums Dentist Needed!

    Good morning, I represent different clients nationwide. If you are interested in customizing your schedule and life I would love to talk more. Whether looking for sporadic coverage, part time work, or fulltime work we have it all. Most jobs cover travel and lodging as well. Wanting to travel...