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    How much endovascular training do Integrated CT Surgery residents actually get?

    A lot of the I6 programs seem to be marketing themselves as aiming to train cardiothoracic surgeons who are competent in both surgical and catheter-based skills. I'm wondering how much the residents actually get to do on their rotations with interventional cards, IR, and vascular surgery - are...
  2. M

    CT vs vascular

    I’ve been torn between vascular and CT for a while. I love vascular in general and would like to operate on blood vessels, regardless of the anatomical regions. The tie-breaker would be the open surgeries, I guess. My questions are as follows; 1.) What’s the bread and butter open surgery...
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    Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology

    So, I was bored and looking through ACGME fellowships and found it interesting that there are now only 6 total ACGME accredited endovascular surgical neuroradiology fellowships left. 3 in rads: Cleveland Clinic, WashU, Johns Hopkins 2 in neurosurgery: Barrow, Univ. of Florida 1 in...