1. H

    Effect of NADH on Fructose 1-6-bisphosphatase and Glucose-6-phosphatase

    I had a practice question that read: "High levels of NADH will inhibit which of the following enzymes?" The answer choices Fructose 1-6-bisphosphatase and Glucose-6-phosphatase were both explained to be incorrect because: "This enzyme is required for gluconeogenesis. High levels of NADH would...
  2. D

    AAMC biochemistry flashcards #15

    Can someone please explain how to find this answer to me? Researchers collected the following data for an enzyme-catalyzed reaction. [Substrate] (muM) 3 6 10 20 50 100 1000 10,000 Vo (muM/min) 22 53 100 129 162 180 199 200 What is the approximate numerical value of the slope of the...
  3. esob

    Enzyme binding environments

    I'm a little confused on binding sites in general, since we never went into that much detail in elementary biochem. I have watched all the KA videos and done the EK review but am still a bit hazy. Do hydrophobic binding sites on enzymes mean that they will interact preferably with hydrophobic...
  4. LIC2015

    Enzyme Kinetics - what's the real reason for Vmax changes?

    Competitive inhibitors don't change Vmax, while uncompetitive/noncompetitive inhibitors do. Why? They all do the same basic thing - prevent substrate from being processed by the enzyme. But the way they do it is different. However, for the purposes of my question, please address the following...