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  1. ItsNotMe_ItsYou

    PhD/PsyD EPPP - How to Prepare, Practice, & PASS

    I hope this thread can become a resource for anyone who is planning to take or retake the EPPP in the foreseeable future. To my knowledge, no such thread exists. I believe it would be beneficial to have one centralized location for future test-takers to discuss and share how to best prepare...
  2. A

    Multiple Unsuccessful EPPP Attempts :(

    I moved my whole life from paradise (San Diego) to upstate New York to complete my post doc and become licensed in New York. I completed my required supervised hours in October 2015, and since then, have unsuccessfully attempted the EPPP 4 times. In New York, a converted score of 75 is...
  3. D

    EPPP Study materials 2015-Passed test with these!

    I have the AATBS Psychology EPPP Preparation Books, Volumes 1-6 comprehensively covering all material on the EPPP. These books are very detailed and provide excellent studying information. I also have the notecards it came with. I used these materials to study and passed the test! I also have...
  4. S

    PhD/PsyD Looking for an EPPP study partner

    Hello, I am in Riverside, CA and am looking for a study partner/s for the EPPP. I have study materials but feel augmenting study with a study partner would benefit me more, and reduce my anxiety about the exam. I can meet in person, at my home, another place, or video chat. I will travel...