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  1. cleverina

    Comfortable shoes for ER scribes

    So I recently got hired by Scribe America and I'm gonna start floor training soon.. thing is I don't have super comfortable shoes for 8-12 hr shifts lol. All I have are vans and converses. So I was wondering what are some cheap comfortable shoes that I can wear for scribing in the ER?
  2. R

    Need help deciding. Scribe at an outpatient clinic, or an ER?

    Hello all, I have been offered two positions as a medical scribe at two different settings. One is an outpatient clinic with mainly primary care physicians and other various specialties. The other is an ER at a nearby hospital. I'd like some input into what would be the best opportunity to...
  3. C

    ER Scribe adbice

    I am at the end of my training but I feel so unprepared so I was wondering if someone could give me advice. I'm having trouble with the speed. My trainers keep telling me to finish most of the chart before leaving the pt's room but I don't even get past the HPI. For the HPI, I tend to miss...
  4. 7

    Should I scribe at a teaching hospital or a non-teaching hospital?

    So I recently got offered positions for ER scribe at two different locations. My main goal in scribing is to get back into clinical work, learn all I can about medicine/ER before medical school, and build strong relationships with professionals who can potentially write a letter on behalf of my...
  5. A

    ED medical scribe advice

    so i just got offered a medical scribe position at a hospital that is very close to my school and i am not sure if i should take it..... i am just finishing my first year of college and have sophomore status due to my ap credits. during the interview i was told that they wanted someone to had...
  6. J

    PhysAssist Scribe Opportunity

    We are currently looking for candidates, who are interested in gaining medical experience, to join our team at PhysAssist Scribes in Milwaukee. Our scribes work in the emergency departments throughout the US. Application: Email our recruiting team: [email protected]