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    Renting LECOM Erie; House for Rent

    Hi everyone! 2015 LECOM School of Pharmacy grad here, with a 4 bed 2 bathroom house for rent. Only about 50 steps away from the parking lot of campus (closer than Laurel Springs across the street)! We just recently purchased my life-long best friend's house, and are getting things...
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    LECOM Erie (3 year) Pharmacy Class of 2023

    I started a thread for the LECOM Erie (3 year) Pharmacy class of 2023. I received my acceptance on 09/25/2019. Feel free to post questions/comments. Please no negative/derogatory statements/comments or you will be flagged. I started up a Facebook group: Log into Facebook | Facebook
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    GPA 3.94, MCAT 499, what are my chances? Apply now or take a gap year for service?

    Hi all! Thank you in advance for reviewing my post. I have a few different types of questions: 1. What are my chances now? Status: Senior Double Major: Neuroscience and Psychology, Minors: Biology and Chemistry GPA: 3.94 sGPA: Not actually calculated, but probably not far off 3.94 MCAT: 126...