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    Renting LECOM Erie; House for Rent

    Hi everyone! 2015 LECOM School of Pharmacy grad here, with a 4 bed 2 bathroom house for rent. Only about 50 steps away from the parking lot of campus (closer than Laurel Springs across the street)! We just recently purchased my life-long best friend's house, and are getting things...
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    LECOM Erie (3 year) Pharmacy Class of 2023

    I started a thread for the LECOM Erie (3 year) Pharmacy class of 2023. I received my acceptance on 09/25/2019. Feel free to post questions/comments. Please no negative/derogatory statements/comments or you will be flagged. I started up a Facebook group: Log into Facebook | Facebook
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    Lecom Erie and Bradenton Interview

    Anyone have interviews here and mind sharing the interview process and the questions they ask?
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    LECOM rotations

    I heard that in LECOM 3rd year - one has to take the rotation, and then shelf exam and then also an internal exam worth 20% of marks. Has anyone heard that? Is that a good practice? Has the rotation issue been all sorted out at LECOM - Erie? Seems form other posts that there used to be an issue...
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    Where to live in Erie PA

    Hello, I recently was accepted to the Erie campus of Lecom and am in the preliminary stages of looking for places to live. Can anyone recommend places or areas to avoid? I've heard the east side can be rough but I've also heard conflicting things about areas closer to the lake (North West) and...
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    Hamot Medical Center, ERIE -- Neurology residency

    Makes sense/
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    LECOM-Erie Home for Sale

    If you have an interest in purchasing a home this is a resident owned, fully remodeled, move in ready property in a great quiet/safe neighborhood. Fully fenced yard. 3Bed/ 2bath. Check it out. On the market today!! http://www.agrestirealestate.com/4232-woodbine-terrace.html