1. S

    MD What are my chances?

    Summary: - Just graduated this year, got my mcat score this morning. Applying this cycle. - Migrated to america after high school, took a year off to learn english and apply to universities. Didn't speak english when I came here. Now speak 4 languages fluently. URM, African. US citizen now...
  2. bulbosity

    ESL and CARS prep

    Hi! I'm ESL and planning on taking MCAT in about 2 years. Looked at AAMC site, and anticipate CARS section will be weakest area, by far. Looking for CARS preps that are digitally based so I can start practice. Any thoughts there? Thanks!
  3. M

    To ESL, how English affects your MCAT vs. step 1

    I know that your English would affect the CARS section, therefore decrease the overall MCAT score tremendously. But how about step 1 score? Do we still have that CARS section or any other similar sections that required broad English skills like MCAT? (Not mentioning the English in Biology or...
  4. Until2021

    MD & DO cGPA 3.77, sGPA3.74, MCAT 509, CA resident. halp~