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    Are there any specific instructions for evaluators on how to write the letter?

    I couldn't find anything online from what I can see. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Anyone submitted optomcas with only 2 LOR requests logged and then requested the 3rd LOR later on?

    Hi everyone. Things are wrapping up for me with applications, I'm trying to get my application submitted by this weekend so that I don't approach the late bracket. So far I have 2 professors writing me letters of recommendation and will have both their names/emails in the evaluator section by...
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    Change LOR after it was sent in

    Hello all, I designated 4 evaluators to write me a letter. One has sent his in already and it is seen as received on 7/11/16 and "completed" processing on the AADSAS website. After reading what he wrote, I decided I would like to choose a different evaluator. However, I do not see the red...