1. D

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Eastern Washington University MSOT Interview

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody has any information on the Eastern Washington University OT interview in Spokane for February 9th? I know it is group interview.
  2. utahpt1

    Eastern Washington Early Decision

    I am really set on going to EWU for my first choice school and love how their program looks. I am leaning towards ED with them, but also hesitant because some of the other schools I'm looking at have rolling admissions. Does anyone here know how applying early decision would increase my odds of...
  3. L

    Program-Specific Info / Q's PU, ISU, EWU, Uni of Mary, U of PS Acceptances

    Has anyone heard back from any of these schools for the Summer/Fall 2016 term? I'm pretty sure most of them won't be replying until Feb/March, but I just wanted to start a dialogue with other possible students. Also, what are the GPAs of people who have applied to one or more of these programs...