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  1. A


    Hello everyone, I’m planning to take my INBDE by the end of this year and was looking for a study partner. I’m in LA.
  2. M

    MCAT 2018

    I'm struggling to get through the readings in the review books (ExamKrackers) since it's boring. Also I find I do not learn as well from just reading and do better if it is taught outloud in a lecture. I know Khan Academy offers MCAT review videos and was wondering if just watching those and...
  3. V

    NPTE - PTA

    Hello all! I am an SPTA, currently prepping to take the NPTE-PTA in April 2018. I am currently using Scorebuilders as my study guide, and I just want to get a feel for how people have done in the past on the NPTE for PTA's and if there are any other people out there taking the exam in April as...
  4. J

    Question for upcoming test

    Hello everyone, If a patient comes to a medical practitioner with a fever of 39 degrees Celsius, malaise, and blue spots on the legs, what would you do first? Measure blood pressure, check for neck stiffness, check the body temperature or take blood samples and why would you do this first...
  5. W

    USMLE IMG prepping for STEP 1 (help a bro out)

    你好! Hi all, this is my first post on SDN! I've been lurking on this site for ages, and I wanted to finally go ahead and make a post for once! I'm a US-IMG, studied in China 6 years, and graduated recently. (it was very affordable and in English) Problem is, my school didn't really hammer...
  6. R

    LOOKING FOR Current RxPrep 2018 Online Course Access!!

    Hello! Wanting to buy the RxPrep Online Course videos and test bank. TIA!
  7. N

    CS Tutor available (NYC or online)

    Tutoring available for CS. I love to help students prepare for this test, particularly IMGs. I can assist you with everything: -- Making a good study plan -- Identifying weaknesses in your studies -- Practicing cases -- Evaluating your preparation for the big day Rates: $20/hr. We can meet in...
  8. D

    Kaplan vs Princeton Review Books

    Hey I am planning to take the MCAT in August. I have two sets of books one set is the 2nd edition Princeton Review books for the MCAT and the other is the Kaplan 3rd edition books. I was wondering for each part of the MCAT ( physics, biochemistry, psychology/sociology, general chemistry...
  9. alexithymia

    USMLE need female sp from mountain time zone step 1

  10. Dustyrose96

    Is Orgoman Dat prep books worth the purchase?

    I'm currently looking for some books to help me prep for the DAT and I came across Dr. Romano's DAT destroyer and the Organic Chemistry Odyssey. I already have the DAT Math Destroyer and this book only has practice exams. Are the other Orgoman books the same or can anyone who has used these...
  11. Elsevier

    USMLE/COMLEX Win a USMLE Step 1 Secrets In Color 4e eBook!

    What advice would you give to students currently studying for Step 1? Provide your advice below & you could win a USMLE Step 1 Secrets In Color, 4th Edition eBook! Concise and easy-to-use, USMLE Step 1 Secrets provides the most effective, high-yield review you need for achieving success on...
  12. N

    Geriatric Psychiatry Boards

    Is there anyone taking the upcoming Geripsych boards who is using Beat the Boards review course and has not purchased it yet? Any interest in a group discount?