1. V

    Personal Statement Brainstorm help!

    Hello fellow SDNers! I am a 2019 applicant (trying to get my PS written early) and I would really appreciate some help in brainstorming what I should write! This may be an odd thing to ask, as I do understand that PS can get very personal sometimes, but I was wondering if any past...
  2. J

    Personal Essay- Leadership

    I am having a hard time with a supplemental essay that states "Please explain a leadership role you have taken on and what you have learned from this experience. (1000 characters)" I am having a difficult time coming up with a leadership experience. I have been searching around for examples and...
  3. pookey123

    Shady Pre Health Advisor

    Found out the pre health advisor at my school actually brags about the amount of complaints she gets from students. Essentially she only writes recommendations for students who work for her (she used to have a full time assistant but fired her and has been using student peer mentors to do...
  4. W

    Personal Essay Examples ?

    Are there any individuals out there who would be willing to share their personal essays. There mindset when writing the essay. How they decide which events in life they felt was significant enough to be worthy of mentioning, writing style, fitting everything in the limited space and making it...
  5. L

    MCAT CARS - where would you expect to find this passage?

    I'm studying for the MCAT, and I'm trying to find a pattern in the CARS section for the inference question, "In which of the following would one most reasonably expect to find this passage?" Based on one question, I got that the editorial page of a scholarly journal would be opinionated, but...