1. C

    nursing student having existential crisis (need advice/brutal honesty)

    Hi everyone, I made this post two months ago https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/nursing-major-switching-to-pre-med.1235990/#post-18480460 and I'm still having a very hard time thinking about what I should do. I'm still doing great in science classes, I got that summer research internship...
  2. B_52

    Post Interview Anxiety Syndrome

    Can we just take a moment to engage in some group therapy over the absolute mindf$%# that is the weeks/months long period between interviewing for a medical school spot and getting an actual answer. Maybe take some donations to set up a hotline, get it included in the next copy of the DSM. I'm...
  3. D

    Psych area of study advice (philosophy emphasis, counseling)

    Hi, I am an undergrad psych student trying to figure out which direction to go in my studies. I want to have the option to do counseling/therapy, and I may want to work in a university setting. I am not very interested in serious disorders. I'm pretty sure I want to work with grief and...