1. P

    Penn vs In-State

    Hey SDN. I'm chilling in the mid-west right now trying to weigh acceptance options. I have had a lot of experience in my state school and really like the people, atmosphere, etc. But after being accepted to Penn, I have been forced to reconsider attending my state school as I am interested in...
  2. M

    Non Billable Expenses

    How do students pay for non billable expenses such as transportation, books and supplies, and other random stuff. My school estimates it will be 10,000 dollars a year for this stuff. I only have enough money saved for one and a half semesters. What do you do when you run out of your savings?
  3. Wayfinder

    Extra things I am unsure about medical school loans covering?

    Hi SDN trying to figure out financial things as I am applying for various gap year jobs. As many people on this site I am one of those soloing my finances, so I am just trying to run numbers. I know cost of living expenses can be covered via scholarships and/or loans, like food, books, rent...
  4. F

    Vet students, what are your monthly living expenses?

    This includes rent, utilities, food, etc.
  5. Buttermellow

    During residency interviews, how many programs paid for hotels?

    I'm a 4th year med student applying to IM and am setting up a budget for interviews, and trying to get a feel of how many programs might pay for hotel expenses or give a discount. I'm applying mostly in the midwest to academic programs. If you wouldn't mind commenting how many of your interviews...