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    Using STEM Extension of OPT for Residency

    Hi! I am an international medical graduate currently enrolled in a master of health informatics program with F1 visa. The master program is count as a STEM field for the 24 month OPT extension. I am wondering if F-1 OPT with 24 months extension, in this case, can be an option for a pediatrics...
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    International Students Graduating from American Medical Schools - Horror Stories?

    Hey all, I'm an international student studying at a mid-tier US MD school on an F1 visa. I wanted to reach out to my fellow international students at varying stages in the process, and ask if they've heard of any horror stories either from a visa or a financial perspective, so that we may...
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    F1 Student for a Clinical Assistant professor

    I am creating this post to see the reality of my goals and aspiration. I am currently a fourth year pharmacy student studying in the United state on F-1 visa (Yea I know what you're thinking good luck finding a job not another Visa sponsorship thread; well this is different) . I am strongly...
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    Canadian citizen, US Med Grad, on OPT, in US residency - H1b Question

    Like title states, I am an Canadian who went to a US medical school and got into a US residency. Currently in my Intern year on my OPT (from F-1 visa). I just finished my Step 3, and is looking into applying for H1b (my residency does do H1). Issue is, my state only give out 1 year temporary...
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    International Student Guide to matching as an American Medical Grad (AMG)

    International Student Guide: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on getting into medical school! As an international student at an American medical school, you compose a very select few. That said, the road you will have to fare is slightly different than many of your classmates’. I...
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    Specialty selection and visa status

    I am a 3rd year US medical student, I am not a US citizen and I am on an F1 visa. I initially came to the US with a J1 visa through a high school exchange program and I already have the 2year home residency requirement which I have not yet fulfilled. My issue is that I am ineligible for H1b for...
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    questions about International student loans

    Hello, I'm an international student and I'm planning to apply for a 70,000 USD loan for a master program. I have a co-signer, his salary is 5,000+ but he already co-signed another student loan. He has no long term loans and no history of bankruptcy. 1- I would like to know if my chances for...