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Aug 25, 2015
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I'm an international student and I'm planning to apply for a 70,000 USD loan for a master program. I have a co-signer, his salary is 5,000+ but he already co-signed another student loan. He has no long term loans and no history of bankruptcy.

1- I would like to know if my chances for approval are good? And I want to know when should I start applying for the loan (with Citizens Bank).? (my master starts on 1 July, and I require F1 visa).

2- I want to know also if this type of financing my degree will affect my F1 visa chances or not?

3- I plan to get into a residency program after finishing the master (1-year MPH in Johns Hopkins), will I be able to pay the monthly payments with residency salary?

4- Sall I tell the visa officer about my full plan in the interview or shall I just stick to the idea of getting an MPH and return back?

Thank you very much in advance!! :)
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