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  1. S

    Pregnancy planning in fellowship

    Hi all! I’m a third year FM resident doing a one year surgical OB fellowship next year. I am getting older and my husband and I want multiple kids (probably 3+). I’ll be 30-31 during fellowship year. The fellowship schedule is strenuous (q2 home call for c-sections, one 30 hour call monthly, one...
  2. E

    MCCQE Part 1 - Jan 2019 : preparation/advice from recent takers

    Hello, I am a Canadian citizen currently living in the UK, due to complete my GP training this July 2018. Currently in the process of applying for my medical license in BC. I have sat the MCEE but unfortunately due to recent changes by the MCC, I will need to sit the MCCQE Part 1. As this...
  3. B

    Family medicine as a second residency after preventative medicine?

    The question is pretty simple, but could I apply to do FM as a second residency? I am looking into preventative medicine as well, and considering the military as a option for school. I am imagining doing a prev med residency in the military, serving 4 years, then getting out and attending a FM...
  4. Streetmath

    Starting to become a family physician at 25?