1. langiyo

    Just your typical 3rd year TERRIFIED of NAVLE/4th year

    Hi guys, Heads up, I'm about to emotionally vomit all over you in 3....2....1... GO: So we just got our rotation schedules for fourth year emailed to us, and it kind of made everything real and I feel like I've been sucker punched in the kidney. I've been through a lot in my vet school journey...
  2. P

    Learning curve for bedside procedures

    new resident here in surgery. Yesterday was my first experience in bedside femoral vein lines and it was not fun. My paranoia of hitting the artery resulted in me having my junior stick it. Granted the patient has a plt level of 7.. just wanted to ask more senior ppl how long it took them to...
  3. neva525

    Physiology lab practical exam-what am I doing

    Hello everyone. I'm in 2nd year of college. I'm writing you in hopes you can tell me how to properly do capillary puncture from the finger of a hand. I don't know if you guys had to do it for your physiology practical exams, but I have to. I need to do it in order to pass my physiology exam...
  4. P


    I have an abnormal feeling of fear, I'm traumatized of pharmacy school. I'm scared of starting being in debt and failing out. I hate math. I don't know how I made it I have several withdraws and repeats. Is it doable? I'm so scared. I'm thinking of changing my major right after school begins ...
  5. S

    Stay or Leave?

    Hey everyone, So usually I don’t do this but I’m in dire need of help and thought I would turn to you all for advice. This is a little long so bear with me. I’m currently in my first year of family medicine residency (about 5 months in) and I don’t like it. It’s not even my program or the...
  6. whatsupdoc442