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    Toxicity of Aluminium in GIC

    Alright everyone, I came across this issue after finding out that GIC is mostly aluminium, while on the other hand recent trends in food production try to reduce aluminium with great effort. While there basically seems to be safely bond aluminium, I wonder if this is the case for GIC cement...
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    Help with stepwise excavation and calcium hydroxide

    Dear everyone. Today i had a patient where i had to do a stepwise excavation. It was more like an intermediate restorative material because of lack of time, and so i thought it could as well work as stepwise excavation. However i ended up forgetting using dycal which is a calcium hydroxide...
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    Cost of dental work during school (Texas!)

    Hi guys! I'm currently leaning towards either UTSD Houston or UTHSC San Antonio and was wondering if anyone could shed some light onto getting dental work done while in school and the costs associated. For simple fillings, cleanings, whitening but also potentially getting veneers, braces or...