1. M

    Reasons for dismissal

    I’m not even a resident yet, but I was wondering what are typical reasons for dismissal and if a dismissal or being fired is truly an end to a medical career. I know if it was any other job, I can just look for another one one, but is it the same after a dismissal, or is it the end of the road...
  2. sozetone


    First, I'll give you my story: I was with a company for over a year as assistant manager, and doing great. Good performance reviews, meeting goals, metrics..etc. THEN, I came down sick. I took an intermittent FMLA leave, using it ONLY when needed and not often. After one year, when my FMLA was...
  3. L

    Victim of malignant PD, dismissed yet reinstated.

    I have read so many upsetting and disappointing stories on these forums when I was dismissed from a residency program not too long ago, that made me hopeless. So here is a success story to inspire those of you out there that are trying to get back on track with residency. Quick story: I am an...
  4. J

    Something strange going on at GWU psych?

    I read online and then talked to some people who say this department tries to fire or does fire a female PGYII every year. Maybe it is just a coincidence but I am wondering if there is more to the story given this is a very high rate for such a small program. This year's chosen one made the...
  5. S

    GW Psychiatry High Termination Rate

    Please send me a direct message if you have information on this.
  6. kin1662

    Fired From Scribe Position

  7. S


    Hello all! I just recently got onboarded or I just started CVS as a Pharmacy Technician since the second of December.. I know I'm still learning, but after working today... I was still struggling quite a bit with the crowd during Christmas. My Pharmacist's work ethics is much more different than...