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    STEP 1 Advice Needed! Doctors in Training vs. USMLERx vs. Boards and Beyond

    Advice Needed! Doctors in Training vs. USMLERx vs. Boards and Beyond for STEP 1 I'm an IMG from India, and I'm prepping for Step 1. I kind of feel lost and overwhelmed with so many resources available and I'm getting confused as what to use. I would like to go into OBGyn, so I'd like to score...
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    Repro in First aid

    Has anyone noticed that the First Aid 2018 book is missing alot of different pathologies as compared to what is in the resources. There is alot of stuff covered in boards and beyond, pathoma, firecracker, and question banks that just aren't in First Aid. For example embryocarcinoma that is a...
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    FAx2 and Pathoma x1. What next?

    Hello, So in about a week I will finish my FA pass for the second time and pathoma videos for the 1st time. While I was watching the pathoma videos I was taking notes in FA so I will not have to watch them again. I started doing UWorld since I started studying for step1, doing some blocks...
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    Hello everyone, So i have my step 1 one month from today, and I am thinking about delaying it but not too sure. By the end of this week, I will have gone through UWORLD and will do my first NBME this weekend. I am kind of scared honestly haha. Anyway, my original plan was going to be to do FA...
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    Getting through First Aid 2-3 times and CRAMFIGHTER

    Hey guys, So I bought the subscription to CramFighter and had a quick question: Do you have any tips for arranging your CramFighter schedule? For example, if I am starting board prep now and want to get through FA 2-3 times, how do you arrange that in cramfighter? How long are you giving...