1. D

    Exercise compliance for students, PTs, and patients

    Hey all! Just reaching out to different groups to try and get the ball rolling on improving exercise compliance with patients, giving new exercise ideas for PTs, and giving exercise programs for about anyone. We’re hoping in the next few weeks to add neuro series to give more exercise ideas for...
  2. G

    Weight loss in update letter?

    Hi all. I’m going to be sending in an update letter to a school that I’m waitlisted at soon. I’m wondering if it would be appropriate to include my weight loss/weight training/diet in the letter? Since June, I’ve lost 20 lbs through weight training, diet, and consistent walking. It’s been a...
  3. L

    Secondary: Challenge Prompt

    So I've drafted a response to the challenge prompt, but I'm not sure if it will be well received: During my freshmen year of college I was pretty overwhelmed by academics, and also had to deal with my (ex)-girlfriend cheating on me over long-distance. I talk about overcoming that by building...
  4. RogueBanana

    Student Fitness Thread to end all fitness threads

    Hey guys, A lot of people are posting that they want to get healthier / lose weight / lift weights / start making good habits prior to entering or while in med school. So, being the healthy fruit that I am (no pun intended) I decided to make a thread for it! Anyone else that has experience or...