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  1. K

    Anesthesia Applied Board Exam Materials

    Hey guys, I have 2x UBP sets, flash cards, rapid review and some text books for sale. PM for details! K
  2. R

    For Sale Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards, Third Edition Brand New In Wrapping

    Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards 3rd Edition, brand new still in wrapping. $30 and free shipping
  3. M

    Some Mnemonics for Paget's, Scleroderma, CREST

    Hi! I hope you are having a great day :) I have created those mnemonics in preparation for NBDE Hope it helps!, oh, and please do leave me your feedback. Thanks :)
  4. Dr_LN

    For Sale Selling EPPP AATBS Flashcards (Purchased 12/2017)

    Selling AATBS flashcards for EPPP-- $55 (includes shipping) Originally purchased Dec 2017 for $110 (plus $20 shipping) Includes over 600 color-coded flashcards. A handful have additional notes written on them in pencil. Pictures available upon request.
  5. T

    Selling everything. (EK, AAMC, FL EXAMS, TBR, FLASH CARDS) ETC...

  6. X

    For Sale Flashcards for sale: Netter's Anatomy; Lange Pharmacology; Lippincott Micro; Lange Pathology

    I'm selling my 4 decks of flashcards. They are in very NEW/never used conditions: Netter's Anatomy; Lange Pharmacology; Lippincott Microbiology; Lange Pathology. These are highly recommended study material for both first and second years of medical school and for Boards studying. The price...
  7. P

    USMLE Flash Cards for Step 1 Pharmacology

    Which one's are THE best flashcards to study? So far I have heard Brenner's, Lange and Lippincott. Which ones will get me >250?
  8. A

    Step 1 Preparation Material/Method Inputs

    I'm currently a 3rd year IMG so I have another 2 years until I write my Step 1. I was planning on snailing my way now until I finish medical school and then into dedicated studying for 5 months. For starters, my basics are really not that great. Instead of reading the comprehensive books again...
  9. A

    For Sale MCAT Prep Books - EK, Kaplan, TPR, TBR, NOVA, Flashcards

    Kaplan All books in completely new condition - no markings at all. All books 2014 edition. Verbal Reasoning Physics GenChem Orgo Biology MCAT 45 MCAT Premiere 2011-2012 The Princeton Review Some markings, etc from previous owner. Verbal Reasoning Physics & Math Orgo Biology The Princeton...
  10. zoombini01

    USMLERx FlashFacts v. Memorang

    Does anyone have experience using both of these flashcard sets for learning First Aid? FlashFacts seems pretty decent- or at least it's way more active than sitting there trying to read First Aid (also a good way of reinforcing things and identifying weak areas after one read through of a First...