florida mpje

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    Florida MPJE!!!

    Hello all, I have decided to make a new post regarding the Florida MPJE. I wanted to create a place for people in similar positions to come together and hopefully help one and other pass the exam. I wanted to begin with a few general questions if anybody can help! 1) Is the USF Pharmacy Law...
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    Florida MPJE Material Needed!

    Hello everyone! I'm currently a licensed pharmacist in Illinois and am going to get married and be moving to Florida. Needless to say it's aleady a big change to be getting married, but I'm also in the process of getting licensed to practice in Florida as well. I'm so nervous because I am...
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    Florida MPJE

    Hello, I am preparing to take the Florida MPJE on August 3, 2017 and have been reading the threads in regard to the test. I am concerned that the study material that I have been using (Florida law, Federal Pharmacy Law review, and Online Pharmacy Exam) will not be adequate. If anyone is able...