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  1. toastytoes

    What now? After interviews, before ranks

    Hey, So mostly done with interviews, thank you cards sent, and getting ready to submit this rank list and find out already. What have people heard about communicating with your top choices prior to ranking? Is it standard to email your top choice and tell them they’re your number one? Top three...
  2. E

    Following up after pre-II rejection

    This could be inappropriate/futile, but I've heard stories of people appealing rejections and wanted to hear some thoughts. I was recently rejected (pre-interview) from my dream school, which does not come as a surprise since the school is very competitive. I live very close to their campus, and...
  3. B

    Follow Up and Follow Through: A Guide to Effective Personal Branding

    "Your reputation is a sum of your daily interactions." Follow Up and Follow Through
  4. A

    2018 wait list movement

    Source: Admissions Lifecycle - Admissions - AAMC Wait list movement March 15 "From March 16 to the first day of class, notify AMCAS within 2 business days of all admissions acceptance, withdrawal, or deferral actions, either written or verbal, that have been communicated to an applicant. All...
  5. P

    After interview follow up

    I had in interview 3 weeks ago with St. Georges University (Grenada) Vetmed. I know it says on the website that you usually hear back in 2 weeks but that they will keep in touch. I'm wondering if i don't hear anything in another week should I try to follow up? or is that not a good idea..? I...