foreign language

  1. LizzyM

    Question for foreign language speakers who have interviewed

    There are stories of applicants being spoken to in a language other than English during an interview. But is this common or mostly urban legend? Please respond only if you have been interviewed for MD school between 2019 and 2021. If you listed proficiency in a foreign language on your AMCAS...
  2. D

    Medical School Interview in Foreign Language

    I heard that if you write on AMCAS that you speak a foreign language, that schools might interview you in that language. Can anyone comment on: 1) How frequently schools do this 2) Which schools exactly might do this 3) What languages schools tend to do this with
  3. Asclepius293

    Should I do the minor? Help appreciated!

    Hey all, So I was originally planning on doing a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. However, it would require a lot of courses in my senior year in addition to my main major courses (Biology). My options right now are: 1. Muster through and pony up the cash for the credits to get the minor...
  4. AmericanHero

    Army Proficiency Certificates

    Hello, does anyone know how I can become certified in a foreign language proficiency in order to get Foreign Language Pay? Also, I have a number of other certificates from my school that certify me in invisalign, nitrous sedation, basic life support, emergency preparedness, etc. Does having...
  5. B

    vita ? - foreign language

    Hey All, I'm updating my vita. I am working on a language, but honestly far from being skilled at that. For reference, Duolingo says I'm 29% "fluent" as of today. That's not good enough, and it doesn't mean I can converse 1/4 or 1/3 of the time. I appreciate them giving me numerical feedback...