foreign language

  1. D

    Medical School Interview in Foreign Language

    I heard that if you write on AMCAS that you speak a foreign language, that schools might interview you in that language. Can anyone comment on: 1) How frequently schools do this 2) Which schools exactly might do this 3) What languages schools tend to do this with
  2. Asclepius293

    Should I do the minor? Help appreciated!

    Hey all, So I was originally planning on doing a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. However, it would require a lot of courses in my senior year in addition to my main major courses (Biology). My options right now are: 1. Muster through and pony up the cash for the credits to get the minor...
  3. AmericanHero

    Army Proficiency Certificates

    Hello, does anyone know how I can become certified in a foreign language proficiency in order to get Foreign Language Pay? Also, I have a number of other certificates from my school that certify me in invisalign, nitrous sedation, basic life support, emergency preparedness, etc. Does having...
  4. B

    vita ? - foreign language

    Hey All, I'm updating my vita. I am working on a language, but honestly far from being skilled at that. For reference, Duolingo says I'm 29% "fluent" as of today. That's not good enough, and it doesn't mean I can converse 1/4 or 1/3 of the time. I appreciate them giving me numerical feedback...