forensic psychiatry

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  1. Alemo

    Accepting forensic fellowship offers

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a few interviews for forensic fellowships in 2022. At the end of the interview, each program director has said something like “Well, if you want to come here let me know, and if you decide you’d rather be elsewhere, let me know that too.” One said, “I’ll...
  2. Stagg737

    Readings for Forensic Psychiatry

    Hey everyone, I'm currently exploring forensic psychiatry more and trying to figure out how to really learn more about the key aspects of the field. I've checked out the AAPL website and also looked at @splik 's recommendations on his list of 100 further readings (forever grateful for these...
  3. M

    Psychiatry Vs. Psychology and the differing details

    The main reason for posting this forum is to find help in choosing between a career in psychiatry or psychology. I understand the differences in schooling for these two career paths and am not seeking advice in this aspect. I will begin by saying that I have been interested in behavioral...
  4. M

    Forensic psychiatry vs Forensic psychology ?

    (Sorry for any grammar mistake) I have to choose a college major this year and i'm in doubt among Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Psychology or even Forensic neuropsychiatry or Forensic neuropsychology (Two that I consider possible options) I know Psychiatry has a better salary, it is very...