1. mkani2020

    Do MD's screen for secondary?

    I received seconadary invite from Reno(by invite only,???? does that mean they send invite to all applicants? I also got request from florida state(screened), louisville, louisianna. Per MSAR these schools either screen for secondary or selected applicants are sent secondaries.. What is the...
  2. D

    FSU COM Application Timeline

    I just submitted my secondary application to FSU about a week ago. I'm wondering if that's too late in the application cycle to receive a regular admission interview? I have decent MCAT and GPA around their average and a lot of research/volunteering/shadowing experience.
  3. P

    FSU vs USF for a transfer student... (undergrad)

    I've seen a lot of threads on FSU vs. USF however, I think my situation is kind of different than most. I just recently finished my first year at USF and I got a 4.0 (bio med). However, I really didn't enjoy my experience at all (socially. academically, USF was great.). USF is too close to my...
  4. ch3cooh

    Is transferring worth it?

    Hi everyone, so currently I am a fall semester sophomore at Rutgers , I am a CBN ( Bio major with a focus in cellular bio and neuroscience), my first semester in college I failed Calc, and then the next semester I retook it replacing my grade. I wanted to know is it worth transferring to a...
  5. D

    FSU VS USF Tampa

    Calling all Noles and Bulls! I'm trying to decide between FSU and USF Tampa for undergraduate and I would appreciate any thoughts you guys have about either school. USF pros: good opportunities for undergrad research, close to home (1.5 hours), lots to do in Tampa cons: I didn't like the...