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  1. S

    Research Assistant vs Medical Assistant for my two gap years?

    Hi! I'm currently a senior and I have two gap year offers, one for a research tech/assistant and the other is for a medical assistant for a private clinic. I'm going to take two gap years, and I'm split on which one to take. Research Assistant -- The lab is very productive, and the PI wants...
  2. M

    Gap Year When to apply?

    Hi everyone! I recently decided to take a gap year, so I need to find a real job during that time. I was wondering when I should start applying for jobs to put me at the best advantage for getting a job that I want for my gap year? I would like to do something research related. Are there any...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical Apply at Your Best: Advice from a Med School Admissions Expert [Episode 261]

    Summary Lolita Wood-Hill has been working in the field of pre-med advising for over 25 years, so it’s safe to say she knows the ins and outs of the medical school application process better than most. In this podcast, Lolita gives advice on how to make yourself the most enticing applicant to...
  4. R

    DAT Score - taking DAT then taking a gap year

    TL;DR: I want to take the DAT and not have the scores sent anywhere until I actually begin applying next year. How will sending the score(s) work when I actually begin applying? Any unforeseen complications with doing this? For context: I graduated Spring 2018 and only recently decided I would...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Dr. Calvin Sun, ER Resident, Entrepreneur, and Adventurer [Episode 254]

    Warning: Our guest today has done so much that it’s going to be really hard to give his background succinctly, but here goes. Dr. Calvin Sun earned his bachelors in 2008 at Columbia where he held numerous leadership positions. In 2014, he graduated from SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and...
  6. A

    Gap year(s)?

    I am currently a junior in undergrad and am coming up on decisions this summer. My current cGPA is a 3.23 and sGPA is 2.85 (semester is going great, almost to finals and expecting a sGPA of 3.08 and cGPA of 3.32 after this semester). Chemistry is the weak spot, C in gen chem 1, B in gen chem 2...
  7. C

    Lost on realistic options...

    So I was a health sciences major in undergrad with a pre-PA track. Never in love with the idea it just felt like a safe option and I fell into the major in my sophomore year so I was behind the game for pre-med. Money is very tight in my family which is also another reason why I wanted to fast...
  8. N

    At what GPA is an SMP no longer necessary/helpful?

    I have a pretty steady upward trend from a rocky beginning to college and am looking like I'll graduate with ~ a 3.5 - 3.6 cGPA and sGPA. Should I still be considering SMP programs or should I be looking at other options during my two gap years?
  9. P

    Gap year job choice in case I have to reapply next cycle?

    Hello! I am thinking about what kinds of jobs I want to apply for during my gap year. There is a special needs assistant teaching position that I am pretty qualified for and likely to get, but I was wondering if a more medically relevant gap year job would be a better choice in case I have to...
  10. N

    Question about taking courses during gap years

    So I'll still have around 2-3 courses to take after I graduate (started pre-med coursework late). I'm aiming to take two gap years so I'd take the courses in my first gap year, take the MCAT early that spring, and apply during the second gap year. I'd really like to pursue a research position...
  11. Q

    Should I take one or two gap years? (personal stats)

    I just had a long conversation with a friend of mine who is in a similar life situation as me and applied to medical school this past cycle. She didn't get into any medical schools and is taking a second gap year, and told me she actually wished she had decided to take two gap years to start...
  12. N

    Need Perspective....this cycle or next? MBS or get a certificate?

    So I have been having a hard time deciding whether to apply this cycle or wait until next cycle. Gpa: 3.55 sgpa: 3.58 MCAT: yet to take but have been getting 506 So with the mcat I'm scheduled for june which I already feel is late and i know pushing it off i can have a higher score but it will...
  13. C

    Should I take gap year?

    Hi SDN! So I am not sure about whether or not to take a gap year before applying. I am going to be a junior this fall semester and therefore applying next spring. Basically I had messed up my freshman year of college with horrible grades as I was dealing with some personal stuff. I decided to...
  14. confidentandgood

    Taking a break after dental school?

  15. N

    Overly Informative Situation: Question about Pregnancy in Medical School and Residency

    Disclaimer: I know I'm young, but I know what I want Okay, so...this is decision day, and I'm choosing between an 8-year BS/MD program (whose undergrad is at a little-known liberal arts college), and a prestigious undergrad (which is the only way I can consider another career), and I'm having...
  16. S

    MD & DO Classic "What are my chances" question!

    Hi SDN community! I've been rummaging through posts for a year or so now but found it is about time for me to ask the dreaded question myself. Senior (May '16 grad) undergrad about to obtain BS (Neurobiology/Physiology) taking at least 2 gap years, matriculating Fall 2018 if possible. cGPA...